Iberico Ham Ambassadors

Tabernnus Iberian Ham, the authentic treasure of our gastronomic heritage.

We are a premium brand with the aim of bringing the gourmet experience to the general public around the world, becoming a “democratic premium gourmet.”

Our origin

Every story has its origin...

Ours began in 1935, in the region of Ribagorça, in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

It is here that the trajectory of an entrepreneurial and hardworking family began, where they had their family home, which little by little they turned into the center of business development.

The era of olive oil

They installed a large olive press, very similar to the one that exists today in the town of Roda de Isábena. Both are of Roman tradition, and with this, the small industry became a mill, and in the post-war period, they began to generate employment in the village, providing work for people from the population.

They worked day and night by the light of oil candles.

The Spanish Civil War broke out.

This family, who never stopped thinking, started making bread and at the same time began to develop, with the aim of having light for the industry, and taking advantage of the river flow, they built a dam and a canal that reached the industry. Taking advantage of the flow, they installed a turbine, and the light started, leading them to undertake another activity, the production of flour in its two modalities at that time, wheat and rye.

This later caused people from the village and surrounding towns to come down to have their grain milled and exchange part of these cereals for bread.

The family had grown.

And they were fully involved in the business. And already in that generation, they thought: "We have flour, bread, water, light... Then they changed the old mill for a more modern one of those moments and went from the stone mill to electricity. This led to the tasks being streamlined and the production increasing.

There was a part of what was produced that was difficult to sell, and with the excess bread, they had to find a way to use it. That's why they decided to make breadcrumbs, and with that came a new experience.

Breeding of pigs

They had already left behind the oil press and were fully immersed in milling, breadmaking, and electricity generation. They decided to try their hand at breeding and fattening pigs. The pig, which was only raised for family consumption, was commercialized on a microfarm with only 25 or 30 pigs. Seeing that it was successful, they ended up having more than 100 pigs.

The love for pigs begins In fact

One of the family's grandchildren was so passionate about the livestock industry that he became so involved that today the family is one of the most important companies in the national pig farming industry, both in pig breeding, fattening, and genetics, as well as in animal feed manufacturing.

We arrive at the present day...

All this acquired knowledge, accompanied by the best experts in selecting the best Iberian hams, makes our group passionate about continuing one of our family traditions with TABERNNUS, where our great ambassador is the Iberian ham.


Iberian Ham is not eaten, it is enjoyed