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You just need to trust us and let us advise you so that together we can achieve success through a Tabernnus franchise, and, in return, we offer you a series of advantages.

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To have a leading franchisor group in the organized hospitality industry with extensive experience.
Highest quality products available on the market.
Selection and training of personnel, for which our HR department will search for the best profile that fits the franchise.
If you have a location, we will advise you if it is the most suitable for the success of our Tabernnus franchise.
We are the only ones who have a commercial and logistics network of our own, being present in most areas of the national territory.
The establishments of TABERNNUS franchises are references in the Pernileria & Gastrobrewery tapas concept with the most updated and elegant image.
From the moment you become part of the TABERNNUS® network, you will not have to worry about any paperwork at all, our professionals will do it for you.
Our technicians and engineers will take care of all the paperwork and implementation in compliance with established legal norms.
Our team of execution and coordination will work to have your business ready for its start-up within the stipulated deadline.
An insurance group for all our franchisees, so that they have the best and most suitable insurance company.
Financing: Due to our successful trajectory, TABERNNUS has agreements with various banking entities.
Proximity: the support, constant development, and specialization of TABERNNUS®.
From the first contact, the best management team starts working for you.

Join the Tabernnus family and become an ambassador for Pernil Ibèric!

Tabernnus Franchise


We are always looking to expand nationwide, to give entrepreneurs in our country the opportunity to have their own successful franchise. That’s why we strive for attention to detail, through market research that allows us to understand the situation of the franchisee, the location, structure, and economic viability.


Proven Success

Thanks to the strategies we have developed over time and our experience in managing a company and providing it with the necessary structure for its growth.

Opening a successful franchise is offering a huge business opportunity for entrepreneurs and the immediate rewards of a consolidated brand.

Working with so many successful franchisees over the years, we have partnered with several successful franchise owners over time, helping them turn what would have been difficult challenges into opportunities for exponential growth.

The key to the success of a franchise is the same everywhere: finding a great product supported by a great support system and a team that supports it, like the one we offer our franchisees at TABERNNUS.

The Iberian ham from Tabernnus is not just eaten, it is enjoyed.

What are our franchises like?

Without tasting
With tasting
In retail centers on the retail floor

What locations do we need for our Franchises?

Minimum of 50 square meters with the option of a terrace for modalities A and C.
Minimum of 100 square meters for modality B.
Streets with high pedestrian traffic.

If you are an investor

If you are an investor and want to enter the hospitality world, our Tabernnus franchises offer a business concept that fits perfectly with what you are looking for.

We are constantly growing

and evolving in this sector in a very positive way.

Through our franchise, entrepreneurs and hospitality enthusiasts find exactly what they are looking for.

The PERNILERIA in our country has evolved towards new and creative concepts, adapting to new trends.

This is our preferred growth area for new small businesses at the moment. PERNILERIAS have experienced such explosive growth in the last decade that many locations now routinely double their sales compared to the previous year.

Although this growth has been greeted with enormous enthusiasm by small business owners, the PERNILERIA sector continues to face significant challenges in maintaining its rapid pace.

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Iberian Ham is not eaten, it is enjoyed