The Modern Tavern we all long for, as a meeting point for friends and family.

Our values indicate our growth pillars, where the TABERNNUS family is sustained with a quality expansion process, selecting the appropriate positioning for the brand.


The Ibérico Ham, a product that we believe should be democratic, not exclusive, and suitable for everyone.


In Spain, for several decades now, countless tons of our Ibérico products have been exported worldwide. This significant expansion, globally, has made our Spanish Ibérico Ham a worthy ambassador of our gastronomy.


Concept Tabernnus

The only Gastronomic concept of a ham and beer house, where the stars will be Ibérico sandwiches and gastro-tapas, accompanied by the best heritage we have, the Ibérico Ham.

At TABERNNUS we want to position gastro tapas where they deserve to be, as for many, it is a religion and an excuse to gather.


Tabernnus, the ideal meeting point for lovers of ham, gastro tapas, and beer.


The perfect dose of our gastronomy

Entering TABERNNUS means enjoying authentic casual food without forgetting the tradition of Spanish cuisine. Our ambassador, the Iberian Ham, exquisite sandwiches, traditional Iberian dishes, Gastro Tapas, Paella, Poke Bowls, Cafeteria, and a wide range of drinks, allow us to have an all-food & all-today gastronomic experience.

The Treasure

The Iberian pig is an excellent animal.

Its purity is in its indomitable character and Tabernnus. But above all, it is distinguished throughout the world for its elongated, fine-legged extremities.

A privilege of smooth and creamy texture, the fruit of thousands of years of natural selection in an isolated environment.

The welfare of the pigs is our greatest concern and the main reason why we continue to research, innovate, and invest in all those aspects that allow us to guarantee their health and improve their quality of life.

Tabernnus is the only brand in the organized hospitality sector with a family trajectory of more than 50 years of livestock experience.

100% Natural

We mature our hams through a traditional 100% natural elaboration process, which for five generations has allowed us to produce a ham free of additives and preservatives, thanks to curing with sea salt.

Without additives

Our Tabernnus Iberian products also follow a natural elaboration process to guarantee a composition free of additives. Exquisite pieces that are elaborated with natural ingredients to preserve and enhance the excellence of flavor.

Do you need more reasonsto consider TABERNNUS as your franchise?

Join us if you are passionate about Iberian ham and Spanish cuisine!

Iberian Ham is not eaten, it is enjoyed